Pokemon on Ana Airlines

The popular Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) television series entered the fleet of All Nippon Airways* in late June. ANA had asked elementary school children to compete featuring Pokémon characters chosen from about 40,073 entries. Shota, the winner of the competition, signed his name on the aircraft’s door. In explaining how he chose his design, he said, “I wanted to give the Pokémon that usually live at sea a chance to experience the thrill of flying in the sky. I can’t believe that planes carrying my design are really going to fly.”


Interior of the Pokemon plane – this is a make believe interior photo.  It looks as though the cartoon is projected onto the plane’s interior panels.

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Hello Kitty by Eva Air

helloplaneth.jpgIt’s really fascinating to be able to board a flight where just everything is Hello Kitty – for Hello Kitty fans, maybe. Eva Air (of Taiwan) launched a new concept incorporating Hello Kitty in their fleet. This can be a dream come true for young Asian girls who prefer a Hello Kitty flight over a trip to Disney World while going somewhere at the same time.

Below stands two dolls and two stewardess. There is something strange about this photo. The dolls appear skinny compared to their original cartoon appearance. Their thin, flimsy shirts and hard angles faces make them look spooky. The Taiwanese appear to have some trouble copying the Japanese craftsmanship.

To solve their thin, flimsy shirt problem I would rather have them fluff up their shirts with more fluffs. The male kitty in the blue shirt reminds me of some freaky fantasy universe where the scene crosses between a cartoon and a real world and where the pimpster has taken control of a mysterious airliner.


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Cartoon Art on Planes

Below: Here are various cartoon planes shot by contributors of Airliners.net. Fun in the sky for kids of all ages. Or the young at heart. Some of these cartoons look familiar to me, but some I have never seen before. Such as the DieMaus and the big pink and blue cats. Read more at the bottom.

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Here are two interesting programs that work great for those who struggles to read. Click play to watch.

Zap reader needs a better interface. The font is a bit off, most likely because of some optical illusion. Spreeder is an ad supported site which is not as distracting. You can probably make it work on your PC flash player but I havent tried it. Click one of the links below to try out the reader.

Spreeder.com – online speed reading application
Zap Reader

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What makes these music to fall into the area of fair use is because they are small snippets that are to used for commentary, educational and non-profit purposes. They are musical remixes that are short and unique. You can never learn too much from these master composers. Click read more for a playlist. The playlist allows you to see the amount of music visually mixed into the mp3.

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Samples of how your podcast should look like:
Sample remixes of Enya and Vangelis (Does not work! I lost it when switchpod close down):
Sample of Children Song (work) direct link:

Sign up at Fileden there may be ads. Fileden is an ad supported website. The ads will show up about every month. You have to approve or deny to about 50 ads.  But for now, it works fine and the ads are not showing up on my email inbox anymore.

The reason for making this tutorial is to encourage people who’ve said they wanted a radio broadcasting station but couldn’t afford to risk doing it full time can now try it out. Filden and WordPress is a good place to start.


What happens if I upload copyrighted music?

Your account at wordpress may be be deleted, so as your Fileden account.

Isn’t the music you have there copyrighted?

Yes, but it’s shown here under the fair use law. The law is held by a thin line, however.

How are the ads placed in my podcast?

I don’t know, I don’t see or hear the ads yet. They may put audio ads in the beginning of your music. Your users just get the option to download them if you provide a link to the mp3 file. To get rid of the ad you may upgrade with a price.

What the max size per song?

Probably 50MB.

What audio editor did you use?

Audacity, free

I can’t save it to mp3. Why does it says it needs a lame encoder?

See tutorial here. http://www.youtube.com/watc=nM58_p9XRxA

How do I get music on my blog? In order for this to work you must have a wordpress blog with an mp3 player plugin – download. If you’ve sign up with WordPress, you should already have it after sign up.

Sample tunes. (from PM-Vibes sample, 04:35) color:BDB76B, 808000

Watch tutorial, click play. The video will break up, try your best at them.

Step 1) In the editor box, click html.

Step 2) Type in like shown below.

Step 3) Click save.

Step 4) Go preview your new saved page. You should see a play button that loads and play music after a second or so of being clicked.

colorHere is the color picker or a color chart.

Here is a sample code:




Code for this button:


More features. *Chart snipped from 1pixelout.net, the original creator of the wordpress flash audio player. Search 1pixelout help forum.


*bgcolor=0xHHHHHH  sets the background color to match the background of a webpage.

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