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Happy Lao New Year

Today is a day to celebrate the Lao new year. The starting date is on the 9th of this month but some claim that the 13 is the official date. Unlike most countries, The the New year festival can last for days. It’s been wonderful so far. I’m testing out Vimeo’s high definition video hosting to remind me of Laos. The video is set to widescreen to fit in with HD standard but somehow stretched it, I’ll fix when time permits. The quality is great on slide-shows but isn’t an efficient way to make a slide-show, check it out.

All images are Lao except the bike on field. The soundtrack is chosen at random…it should have been a cultural music. This is my last slideshow. I’ll stick with video.

Check out this Radio (RFA) interview with Lao Children learning to read and write Lao in Virginia.

I came accross a facebook list of what makes Laotians… Laotians. Very funny, although not official. 😉

You know you’re Lao when…
1. You can name all the ingredients that go into thum mak hoong.
2. At least one person drives a Honda (or Toyota) in your family.

3. You got more than one generation living in your house.

4. Everyone in your house eats out of the same bowl.

5. Your gramps is making whiskey out of rocks and twigs.

6. You got a jar of fermenting fish heads in the bottom cabinet FOR THUM MAK HOONG.

7. You’ve climbed the neighbor’s tree while you were younger to satisfy the appetite for sour berries and hot sauce.

8. Your last name is a bazillion letters long and everyone jacks it up trying to pronounce it.




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