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This is an interesting collection of photographs of families around the world that empties there fridge and storage to show off their food collection. An interesting Time Magazine cook book/human diet book. A pretty fun book to spend hours observing what they eat.




Mongolia: Lots of meat and fruits and little or no vegetables. I like this one.

Japan: Notice the amount of seafood. If you are dumping mercury into the ocean, please stop it.

Great Britain: Notice the amount of processed food. Sometimes we have to buy what the factory wants us to buy. And bits and parts of processed foods come from all over the world with lots of unknown preservatives.

Bhutan: Nearly all vegetables. They seem to be content vegetarians.

Book sells at Amazon.


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This is a response to Darly’s post China’s Backyard.

I wonder what would happen if the Chinese flooded the Lao market with many of their low cost Chinese products. Would this be a one way money flow directly to China? Maybe, maybe not.

Chinese products tend to be practical and useful and low cost. Many of these products can be used to start or operate a business. Before, most would have to buy Japanese or other imported tools which would cost more. Portable direct injection diesel engines, for example are a very useful tool for the third world. They are much more cost effective compared to running a gasoline generator.

One of my complaints is that most Chinese products don’t tend to have souls. Products with a soul tend to last longer. Their designs are in balance with nature and employs the use of higher quality materials. They are built with a uniform shape. It is believe that other forces of nature or the universe will interact with products that are designed well.

I would want the new emerging Chinese to pay more respect to artist. They are the ones that bring life to products. Traditionally, artists in China aren’t very much an icon compared to the doctor and lawyers. But it’s the artist and master engineers that give a product its soul.

Some would argue that adding styles to a product will only add cost. I disagree. I say that art will brighten the assembly lines. Happy workers will yield quality products.

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