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An interesting two and half hour documentary. I just watch it today, a couple hours before it was plucked again. We need to be more aware of the downside of our privatize health system so we can demand and expect better.

Our health system was a norm up until I had to figure out a way to build a surgical instrument to remove (what appears to be) a skin cancer lump on my arm. This is when i began to realize that I was abandon by my government.

No matter, the lump is on a hard to reach location so I am still baffled about how to do this without some kind of remote capability. This will take some time. I wish a doctor would give me a free surgery day or something. If they won’t give me a free day I will just happily skip thru the park and enjoy the life that still exist in me. Life has given me more than what I’d expected from it.

It looks like Micheal’s tape was stolen from the screening room then upload on the Internet before his movie is even shown on the theater. But Micheal is more worried about people making profits on his tapes than seeing the tape spread accross the web.

Some might call this an inaccurate documentary. Inaccurate or not, this one is an eye opener. I love how he compares the US to other nations. This is something our government doesn’t want us to see.

Twice we had to go to the emergency room in California only to have to have gone home before being called in because we had to wait two to three hours. This really wants to make seek acient remedies. My mother had grown up in a town where there were no hospitals and she’d never needed a hospital. But today, if I ever get seriously injured, I could be bankrupt.


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I’ve been wanting some guidance (on drawing) and some new enlightment for Viennes logo so I’m pleased to stumble accross this video. This is a long video that morphs and spins famous logos from around the world. You might not have time to watch em all. They need to run the video at 30 frames a sec or something to speed it up.

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Tab browsing is a must these days. Browsing with IE is also a must. Maxthon is the only way to combine both. Tabs made by Microsoft performs worse, much worse than Yahoo tabs. Download Maxthon here or get the 1.5MB exe.

Here’s another small and fast standalone tabbed browser called K-Meleon http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/.
Another nifty program that monitors programs starting up and runs behind your back. Autoruns.exe ( screenshot )

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