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Quicksearch is a nifty feature for those who like to search at any page using most searchable engines found on the web. I’m doing this writeup because I tend to forget how this is done after a long time.

Step 1. Right click on a search bar the select “add a keyword for this search.”
Step 2. Fill in the blanks. If you’re still confused go to the “aleternative steps and methods” below.
Alternative Steps and methods:
Step 1. Go to your favorite search engine and save it under quicksearch. Select Bookmarks>Quicksearch>Properties on your Firefox browser. continue…



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I came across many of Nye’s article and they are very nicely formatted and very presentable, I must say. But I notice one thing out of the ordinary. Image spacing. WordPress does not offer features to fix, other than changing the theme or modifying the source code. Here’s an easy solution. Insert your image like this.

Next, click on the code button. And type in hspace=”8″ right after the image name. Make sure there are spaces around hspace=”8″ or otherwise it won’t work.


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I got a shocking email from Nye. She explains the news. I did not find details on Laoplanet.net’s. So this means that it may not be public news. Anyway I have some screenshots for memory’s sake.

There is one PM from Darly on the website that I did not get a chance to read. I was savoring the PM for a good day. I hope she doesn’t mind.

To view the image (below) larger see Laoplanet Template Archive Collection . And this is one of the current themes I have.

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If you have not notice I’ve decided to join Nye’s Blog world by creating a blog inside wordpress’s server. This is because of her recommendations. Thanks. This way I don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining or installing required software. This frees me up to do what I really want to do in life – which is to enjoy life outside the world of networks.

I’d just realized, thanks to Esther Hicks, that life is abundant and beautiful and I should do what I really want instead of my logic, or others, think is good for me. Before this, I didn’t take life seriously and decided not to live because it didn’t feel good to live or play. It seems wrong and felt like a waste of time to be living like everyone else. Now, I am going to have a great time doing things that I choose. I am now loving life for all it’s worth.

Most of all, I want to think and wonder about our existance on earth because the feeling I get from thinking is as tasty as someone who is eating a delicious meal.

Some of the tools that I used for thinking is either destroyed or lost. For example, I suddenly got tinnitus some years ago. One of my ear is ringing, or whistling. This make it nearly impossible to think straight. My “think tank” is also gone. A think tank is a place where you go to think, it could be a cove or cozy window sill or whatever.

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I have a strange fascination for everything Esther Hicks. This video is about our self empowerment. We can’t let anyone, anywhere change our course in life. What we choose in life is our choice to make. And because of this, I am gaining respect for other’s people descisions very greatly when their decisions are from their heart.

A Self Empowering Message by Esther Hicks Abraham originally the Secret.


Direct link to video disabled to prevent backtrack

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An interesting array of mushrooming flowers after milk is drop into a coffee cup. More images from this link.


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Developers have turned a house into an island in China after the owner refused to move out.

The villa now stands alone in a 30ft deep man-made pit in Chongqing city, reports Jinbao Daily.

The Chongqing Zhengsheng Real Estate Company wants to turn the area into a £40m ‘Broadway’ square, including apartments and a shopping mall.

But the owner of the villa says he won’t move out unless the company pays his price – the equivalent of £1.3 million.

“The villa owner refuses to move, so the real-estate developer has had to dig out all around it to force him to,” says a saleswoman at Weilian Real Estate Sales Company.

“He wants 20 million yuan, or he’ll stay till the end of the world.” More from this link.

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